We are always looking for experts in the following areas:

Browsers, processors, Devices, operating system, Blockchain, Build tools, security research, protocols, file formats, hardware buses, hardware, programming languages, Automotive, firmware.

Our courses tend to be designed to understand the low-level details of how things are built, works, and why we made such decisions in the design.

At ZixCool you will be:

  • Designing courses that can be delivered in onsite or remotely
  • Creating video materials, documents, labs materials …etc
  • writing blog articles

Benefits at ZixCool:

  • Highly competitive salary + revshare (Revenue sharing)
  • Genuinely collaborative and friendly culture
  • Flexible working arrangements – we value work-life balance
  • Working remotely or on-site as you preferred
  • Ongoing Personal Development & Training
  • chances to travel around the world to teach what you love

If you meet the requirement above please contact us